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A small assortment of specialty items all utilizing Horween Leather.

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One-Piece Shell Cordovan Belt

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One-Piece Shell Cordovan Belt


This limited run of belts is available in five select colors with a solid brass buckle (35 mm), black stitching, and finished edges. They are lined with our full grain, aniline latigo in a light tan. The Whiskey belts feature matching thread instead of black stitching.

Available colors (from left to right): Color #8, Color #4, Whiskey, Dark Cognac, and Navy.

Most Shell Cordovan belts that are available are made from 3 cut straps that are then joined together. The reason being that most shells measure less than 18-20" from end to end.

We receive a bare handful of shells every year where both shells are joined in the middle. Most of these shells are rough in the middle and must be cut into two pieces as is typical in our production. Of this handful, a few yield long, smooth shells that are suitable to make a one piece belt.

The collection of shells used to make these belts took more than 5 years to accumulate. It is difficult to say when, if ever, there will be a selection of one piece belts available in this range of colors and sizes.

This is the ultimate belt, and handsome with denim, suits, or dress pants.

Quantities of this item are extremely limited - 1 per customer.

SIZING INFORMATION - These belts run small, so please order one size larger than your waist size. For example, if you wear 34" waist, please order a 36" belt.

Made in the USA.

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